Agora Gallery Press Release 

Canadian artist Darlene Adams’ rich oil landscapes offer unique interpretations of the natural world. She approaches the canvas as an experiential artist, painting by feeling the subject matter around her. Using deep bold colors applied thickly with both brush and palette knife, Adams draws on inspiration from the world around her and then infuses raw emotion into the tableau, resulting in paintings that are as beautiful as they are compelling. Each image is dominated by her masterful use of line, which introduces an element of the abstract, as geometrical shape often takes precedence over natural forms.

A hallmark of Adams’ work is the sense of movement she conveys. Waters shimmer with life, whether as a torrential flow or the relaxed rhythm of waves lapping the shore. Winds both gentle and fierce cross the sky, and trees limbs seem to dance, carried by the breeze. In the end, Adams’ paintings explore the natural terrains that surround us and the inextricable link between our interior emotional landscapes and how we connect to the outer world.


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